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Jo, Legs, Wookiee, Geeds. Whatever you wanna call me.
Trainee beauty therapist.
Aspiring makeup artist & zombie enthusiast.

Instagram & Twitter - @geeeeds

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there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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If you drink enough vodka it tastes like love

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I present to you a puppy eating watermelon.

I can’t stop thinking about this

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tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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marry a guy who has sisters because he’s seen the female in her natural state therefore won’t have any unrealistic expectations of you 


hey babe


hey babe

Regarding Ghibli's supposed "queerbaiting"...

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…in the trailer for When Marnie Was There. Please realise that this is a JAPANESE trailer aimed at Japanese people. The trailer is NOT in English, it is NOT intended for western audiences. A lot of westerners have watched a trailer that is not aimed at them, and have applied their western culture…

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